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New members should familiarize themselves with the boathouse and all the equipment. A general skill level will be assigned to you based on your experience and comfort level with the boats on the water. We don't want to limit anyone's enjoyment, but we do want to ensure that no one attempts to row a boat beyond his or her skill level, both for club members' safety as well as that of the equipment.

Before getting on the river Check river and weather conditions. You can check conditions for both the Ohio River levels and the atmospheric weather by clicking on these blue underlined river and weather conditions links.

Please understand that the Club rarely formally opens or closes, but must depend on your own evaluation of conditions—you are assuming the risks, as to whether or not it is safe to row. Happily, everyone has exercised a good deal of care and caution as set forth below:


1. Don't row alone. Have a buddy on the water at the same time, keeping each other in sight. We provide monthly up-dated rosters so that you can contact members and schedule rows. Generally, folks row from 6:00 AM-7:15 AM and 5: 00PM-8:30 PM, M-F, and then throughout the weekend.

2. Sign in and out. Always sign in and out of the log book when you row so people know you are that you are on the water.

3. Know the river/weather conditions. Make sure you know the water conditions by checking the River Conditions links above.

4. Use lights when dark. Have a bow light or a "blinkie" light attached to you or the back of your ballcap if you launch before or at dawn or an hour or less before sunset. Bowlights are available from Potomac Rowing, on-line, or a clip- on "blinkie" is available from bicycle shops or Target's bicycle department.

A copy of the rules is provided to each member and posted at each boathouse.

Because conditions will vary daily according to water levels, rain, wind, and your own abilities, you must be and you assume the role of judging for and assuming your own safety.

OHIO River Navigation Charts:

Click on the image below to download a PDF of the US Army Corps navigation charts.